Wired Night (10cm x 10cm)


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Fall in love with the brightness of skies with a painting by Piercing Moon Creations. These art prints allow you to explore the watercolour art style of Piercing Moon Creations at a cheap and affordable price.


Sometimes when we see man-made objects disrupting the view of the land around us, it can seem ugly with a harsh contrast. But, at times, when we let ourselves just be in the moment, there is beauty in these human made things. The simplicity blending with the technology is something of interest.

Size: 10cm x 10cm

Paper: Kodak Soft Gloss, 51lb. 190 g/m2

Original Media: Watercolour and gouache

*this is not the original artwork, it is only a print*

Additional information

Weight 0.018 g
Dimensions 22.8 × 15.2 × 0.02 cm