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As part of the Major Arcana watercolour print series, the Priest print represents the fifth card of the major arcana cards in a Tarot deck. The Priest is also known as the Hierophant card to some, but here it is presented as Priest.


In many cases the Priest represents an authority figure or establishment. Someone, or some place, held in high regard in the community. The Priest can represent conformity and following conventional methods of working and thinking. This can be the case where change is often seen as too difficult to realize. The Priest tells us to find a deeper meaning in our lives through the exploration of the spiritual however, we must not become to reliant on our own counsel.


An Iris is the plant depiction of the Priest. In many cases the Iris represents royalty, faith, wisdom and divine protection. Alongside the Priest it becomes a symbol of spirituality and faith in a community.