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As part of the Major Arcana watercolour print series, the Justice print represents the eleventh card of the major arcana cards in a Tarot deck.


The Justice print represents balance through rational thought. To make a fair and reasonable decision, you must have a balanced mind. Justice represents a fair ruling to the rightful party and usually indicates a beneficial outcome. We must be clear about what we want, can, and need to do to make the right decisions. However, Justice is not rigid as life is not rigid. We must remember to flexible in our lives and not to become too judgemental.


The daisy is often associated with simplicity and childhood innocence. Children are often catalysts for change and imagination. Their ideas are flexible as is their outlook on life, not having become too judgmental or closed off yet. Justice melds with a childhood innocence. There are many grey areas in life and we must seek a balanced truth to make a fair choice.