Hanged Man


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As part of the Major Arcana watercolour print series, the Hanged Man print represents the twelfth card of the major arcana cards in a Tarot deck. The Hanged Man is also known as the Hanging Man card to some, but here it is presented as Hanged Man.


The Hanged Man represents looking at life from another perspective if you seem to be stuck in a dead end. The Hanged Man can represent self-sacrifice through the delay of gratification; letting go of a short term gain for something beneficial in the long term. We must let go and simplify to relax and heal from trauma. The Hanged Man tells us not to procrastinate as enlightenment comes from every experience and in any form.


The lotus is depicted as it represents the journey of the soul finding enlightenment from suffering. The Hanged Man and the lotus represent enlightenment from seeking wisdom from our suffering. To push through and to delay gratification we may be able to bloom as the lotus does.