Four of Pentacles


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The suit of Pentacles represents earth and our physical being, most commonly associated with things that we need in our everyday lives and what we work for. The Four of Pentacles represents your work towards material and financial success. You are putting in the work and are willing to work hard towards your goals. It is a card that is often associated with a feeling of loss. This card may indicate you feel that you must be more cautious so you do not lose all that you have worked hard for. But it warns not to be too meager and not to share, you may be cautious as long as you do not focus wholly on that.


On all of the Pentacles a crown made of Barley is being depicted. Barley is represented in many religions and cultures in often the same form. In Greek mythology is is commonly associated with Demeter, the Goddess of the Earth and Agriculture. In the many other cultures Barley is seen as a major staple in the diet. It is grown in many civilizations and it a common cereal food around the world. As the crown is slowly built up through the Pentacle suit, as will the importance of material needs and our physical being, in regards to any money or property. Barley will continue to grow as the pursuit of your goals are under way.