Five of Wands


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The suit of Wands represents creative energy and fire, most commonly associated with business and careers. The Five of Wands represents the conflict and disputes. The conflict may not be a large issue but it reminds us not to get drawn into any pettiness. Remain focused on the key issue that needs resolving. New ideas are not welcome with this Wand, rather it tells us not to add any fuel to the issue, rather save the creative energy for later.


On all of the Wands a crown made of Bay Laurel is being depicted. The Laurel is represented in many religions and cultures in different forms. In Greek mythology is is commonly associated with Hestia and Apollo, deities of fire. In the Bible the laurel represents prosperity, resurrecting Christ as humanity’s saviour. As the crown is slowly built up through the Wand suit, as will prosperity and creativity in regards to any new ventures and business. The fire will continue to burn inside as the pursuit of your goals are under way.