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As part of the Major Arcana watercolour print series, the Chariot print represents the seventh card of the major arcana cards in a Tarot deck.


Self-discipline is the main action of the Chariot. Only with strength of will can we achieve the victory that we are aiming for. Self-discipline, with focus and perseverance, is needed to overcome obstacles. The Chariot represents the turmoil within that must be controlled to achieve the goal. Yet, the Chariot is not unforgiving, it tells us that there may be failures and we should allow for a learning curve. The Chariot reminds us not to procrastinate and to be mindful strategy we use to achieve success.


A thistle is depicted on the Chariot print, representing pain and suffering but also noble character. It shows that by looking within ourselves, as well as outside ourselves, we will have the tools we need to achieve victory. Through pain and suffering we can learn how to grow and become stronger in mind, body and spirit.