Piercing Moon Creations Ponders

The legend of this formation of land that looks like a giant who laid down in the water and fell
When one thinks of a haunted hotel in Canada the first name on their tongue is usually the Fairmont Royal
Marie-Josephte Corriveau was a young woman who was found guilty of the murder of her second husband and was sentenced
Finished my original tarot deck. It has been a challenged but it is finally done. The Herbal Healing Tarot Deck.
Last night was the Winter Solstice and the first phase of the Full Moon so that meant I wanted to
It has been more than a few months since I moved to Quebec and so far I am loving everything
My website, and unfortunately, my artwork has been on hiatus. After moving to join the rest of the Radical Homemaker
Going Across the Province to Join the Rest of the Radical Homemaker Collective Piercing Moon Creations was always a place