Piercing Moon Creations Ponders

  • Brief Hiatus
    The blogs that I was working on took a bit of a hit in the last month and I knew it was only a brief break in what I was writing and putting out but to get back into something … Read more
  • Turtle Mountain
    The mountain that moves became Canada’s deadliest rock slides in history.
  • The Galt Museum
    Hospitals are hotbeds for spiritual activity. The Galt Museum holds more than artifacts from the past, it may just hold people from the past too…
  • Le Loup-Garou
    What do the Quebecois believe makes a person a loup-garou?
  • Place Royale
    Who wanders Place Royale in Québec City at night?
  • La Dame Blanche
    La Dame Blanche, the story of Canada’s most well known Woman in White.
  • Glooscap and Winpe
    In Mi’kmaq culture, the hero of many stories is The Great Chief – Glooscap. Winpe, a being of evil, steals Glooscaps family.
  • The Five Fishermen Restaurant
    What is now a popular seafood restaurant on Canada’s East Coast used to be a school, a warehouse and even a funeral home.
  • Nancy Coyle
    Who buried the bodies in 1840’s St. John’s Newfoundland? Why did no one else help her?
  • New Paranormal Blogs
    Why am I so focused on telling paranormal stories in Canada? To learn and tell the history of this country of course.
  • Nanabijou – The Tale of The Sleeping Giant
    The legend of this formation of land that looks like a giant who laid down in the water and fell asleep.
  • The Royal York Hotel
    When one thinks of a haunted hotel in Canada the first name on their tongue is usually the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, or just The Royal York. Whether this hotel is actually haunted is quite contested but the hotel is one of the oldest and grandest in Canada.
  • Marie-Josephte Corriveau
    Marie-Josephte Corriveau was a young woman who was found guilty of the murder of her second husband and was sentenced to death in 1763. Now she “lives” on, haunting the streets of Lévis, Québec.
  • Herbal Healing Tarot Deck
    Finished my original tarot deck. It has been a challenged but it is finally done. The Herbal Healing Tarot Deck.
  • Winter Solstice Ritual
    Last night was the Winter Solstice and the first phase of the Full Moon so that meant I wanted to do something to celebrate. I have been seeing so many crafts that use dried out oranges strung together and I … Read more
  • Catching Up and Reflecting
    It has been more than a few months since I moved to Quebec and so far I am loving everything about it. Although, I definitely need to hone my French skills. By hone, I mean develop them. Working in a … Read more
  • Always on the Move
    My website, and unfortunately, my artwork has been on hiatus. After moving to join the rest of the Radical Homemaker Collective I was offered a job in Quebec, and I was not going to turn it down. After some ups … Read more
  • After a Move
    Going Across the Province to Join the Rest of the Radical Homemaker Collective Piercing Moon Creations was always a place for me to blog, but it has always been on and off. I have never really stuck to the blog … Read more