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The blogs that I was working on took a bit of a hit in the last month and I knew
The mountain that moves became Canada's deadliest rock slides in history.
Hospitals are hotbeds for spiritual activity. The Galt Museum holds more than artifacts from the past, it may just hold
What do the Quebecois believe makes a person a loup-garou?
Who wanders Place Royale in Québec City at night?
La Dame Blanche, the story of Canada's most well known Woman in White.
In Mi’kmaq culture, the hero of many stories is The Great Chief – Glooscap. Winpe, a being of evil, steals
What is now a popular seafood restaurant on Canada’s East Coast used to be a school, a warehouse and even
Who buried the bodies in 1840's St. John's Newfoundland? Why did no one else help her?
Why am I so focused on telling paranormal stories in Canada? To learn and tell the history of this country