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Herbal Healing Tarot Deck

My artwork on this website has mainly revolved around the work that I have been doing for my very own tarot deck. It began as just a crazy idea, a project for me that might keep my attention. Also, mainly, it was because I wanted a tarot deck all to myself. A deck that called to me because I haven’t felt drawn to any deck, with the possible exception of the Wild Unknown by Kim Krans – which I did get and use a bit but it felt flat for me. The artwork of that deck is absolutely stunning and I must say I ogled it for four years before I went in and purchased it at a small store in Quebec City (the only time I’d ever seen it in person). While all these tarot decks are gorgeous and the effort put into them is amazing, I could not feel anything from them. Nothing drew me towards a deck.

So I took it upon myself to make my own deck. I based my cards on plants because I love studying plants and herbology. I spent all of January 2018 researching herbal plants and their correspondences to gods and goddess as well as what significance they had in a variety of cultures. Then in the following February I began painting. I love painting in watercolour and so that’s the medium I decided to do my project in.


I began with the Major Arcana because I already had an inkling of what I wanted to do for them (I had done the 22 Major Arcana the previous year in gel pens while watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries). From there I delved into the Wands and then the Cups, then the Swords and finally I finished off my deck in November 2018 with the Pentacle suit. All 78 cards were painted and a 79th painting done for the backs of the cards.

First Cards Comparison to the New Artwork

I have been scanning them into the computer whenever I get them done, uploading them to my site to be bought as prints. Those stayed roughly the same size after I’d scanned them, it was transferring them to cards that was difficult for me to do. It was my least favourite part in this endeavour but I persevered and by the end of November 2018, I had my very own tarot deck printed by Make Playing Cards. All artwork made by me. I have never felt more accomplished than I had at that moment – I could barely concentrate on work when I heard they were delivered.

I bought two decks, one for my mom and the other for myself. I knitted us little tarot pouches to keep our decks in – because I didn’t bother buying boxes and I absolutely love little knit pouches to keep tarot cards in. It was so hard to keep this a secret, but finally on the Winter Solstice I could give her the deck and plaster it all over my social media because I am really proud of all the work I did to get a deck that speaks to me.

Knitted Tarot Deck Holder

Crafting is a peaceful time for me and it can be rather spiritual, depending on what I am doing – sometimes with knitting it results in swearing. It is like a meditation though, and I can think of every possible thing I can do and what each card signifies. It is mine completely.

Now, after doing this, I completely understand why tarot decks are always 60$ plus. The amount of time and work I put into my pieces was a lot, it can be a phenomenal undertaking.

And now I have finished and call it my Herbal Healing Tarot Deck. Does anyone else like crafting their own divination tools? And do you have any favourites that you have made? What calls to you in your journey?

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