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Always on the Move

My website, and unfortunately, my artwork has been on hiatus. After moving to join the rest of the Radical Homemaker Collective I was offered a job in Quebec, and I was not going to turn it down.

After some ups and downs, I realized it was time for me to look into other things that would make my life happy, and after one week in Quebec, I have felt significantly lighter. Now, as I settle into my new life, I am looking for ways to incorporate artwork back into my life. Piercing Moon Creations is an incredibly important part of my life and I want to continue doing it. That means setting deadlines for myself and actually following through – something that I never usually do.

Looking across the St. Lawrence Rive to Old Quebec City from Levis.

I am looking forward to finally finishing the rest of my Herbal Healing Tarot collection. Not just to sell but because I am looking to make them into an actual tarot deck. I have never felt aligned with tarot decks that are in stores. I look at them and I feel no significant connection. Creating my own deck, putting my soul into these pieces, I have felt a connection that will tie me to the deck. These pieces have been so important to me and I will finish them.

Living in Quebec, I have never felt so at home. The scenery is gorgeous and the architecture is even more brilliant. I look around me and I can feel the old energy that swarms this province. The energy, I believe, comes from before even the French colonization. Previously, the Kebec Algonquins called this territory their home. They had built their own civilizations and their own way of life. The territory was never ceded to either the French, the English and now, the Canadian governments. I want to acknowledge that I am living on their ancestral land and that through the work of some of my ancestors, I am settled on the land. It has given me opportunity and privilege, and that has come at a cost. I hope that while I am here I can learn more on the history of the area and the different cultures that are living here. While I cannot change the past and was not a part in creating that past, I hope to help build a future that is not built on the backs of others, while tearing down discriminatory institutions in the present.

Old Levis from the Ferry bus stop.

I feel stronger here. Following my dreams. Learning. Growing. Discovering myself. I am not perfect. I am only a person trying to do my best.

Wandering the streets of Old Quebec City

I hope you will join me on my journey.

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