Piercing Moon Creations is an art, story and other creations relating to the mystical, shop.

Piercing Moon Creations originally began as a knit and crochet blog and store. It was a way to let me share some of my original knit patterns. Now it is mostly an art and story shop run by me, Yvonne Baldwin-Desmarais, out of Carleton Place, Canada.

I have always been passionate about creating and artwork. My inspiration for art is mainly tied to nature and mysticism. I find beauty in the unknown and how it can tie to our everyday lives. Nature is a very broad and extremely unexplored subject. Even now we are still finding out more about our surroundings. Every day becomes a mystery and learning experience.

I hold a degree in History from Lakehead University, but was drawn away from History jobs to create my own business.

While I try to incorporate what I have studied: cultural relativity and different belief systems, I remain open to the idea that beliefs and spirituality are a constantly shifting phenomena. I want my artwork to uniquely incorporate and share those ideas.

For any interest in my knit and crochet items head over to Radical Homemaker page. All my knit and crochet items are sold alongside other items created by people of a like mind. Creating homemade, good quality items that are unique and beautiful.

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