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Brief Hiatus

The blogs that I was working on took a bit of a hit in the last month and I knew it was only a brief break in what I was writing and putting out but to get back into something after a significant pause is quite a difficult thing to do.

I was working hard on trying to put out a new haunted place blog almost three times a week, which was a bit crazy and I believe a bit excessive. I believe that it had also led to a bit of a burnout, no kidding.

Added to that, I had spent my entire month of May traveling the Eastern part of Canada and discovering more of my home country. I had learned a lot while I was out on the East Coast.

A move back home to the Ottawa area from Quebec and trying to get myself settled to get back into writing. But, it is difficult to restart something once you’ve had a break. Added to that, I have joined my local Farmer’s Market with the rest of the Radical Homemakers and it has been quite a lovely experience so far.

However, this blog and learning about Canadian history through a lens of supernatural and hauntings has been really important to me. I love learning about different places in Canada and exploring things I have never even heard of before. So, while out on the east coast, I went to many different haunted locations and explored inside of them. I have much more to tell and I have been there.

So, I will get back to posting. This time once a week. I can’t burnout and I want to do quality research on my topics. Instead of having Monday – Ghost, Wednesday – Haunted Place and Friday – Spiritual Being, I will just alternate between the three every Monday starting next Monday June 24, 2019.

Time to get back to being spooky. 🙂